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Why “Done-For-You” beats “Do-It-Yourself”:

With so many DIY tools that promise great looking websites for free, it's easy to forget that there's more to making a website than just pointing and clicking. And, there is often more to the pricing than just "free" once you start down the path of building your website yourself.

Check out the comparison below and see if a DIY website really makes sense for you.

  • Do-It-Yourself
  • Templates: You have to choose one that wasn't created just for you.
  • Learning: You need figure out how to use simple tools that aren't always so simple to use.
  • Time: You have to spend hours of your valuable time building a website instead of your business.
  • Decisions: You run the risk of making bad choices about design, content, functionality, and navigation that could be damaging.
  • Cost: "Free" services don't always end up being so free after upgrades, add-ons, premium apps, and features. That's NOT a surprise you want to have!

  • Done-For-You
  • Templates: You get a design tailored to fit your business and branding.
  • Learning: Your website is built for you, saving you the hassle of learning how to do it on your own.
  • Time: You are free to focus on other things in your business at which you excel.
  • Decisions: You leave important decisions to professionals and reduce your risk of making bad choices that could cost you opportunities.
  • Cost: You are more likely to know what to expect upfront instead of uncovering pricing surprises as you proceed on your own.

Our Done-For-You solution gives you everything you need to succeed online at a Simple & AFFORDABLE Price!

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